Want to explore the Internet? Here are a few sites that might be worthy of your clicks. Have at it!

Jeff Cutler's Essays
Jeff Cutler's professional blog. Columns for sale and reporting on the world.

Bowl of Cheese
Jeff Cutler's personal blog. A touch of David Sedaris and rainman, mixed with Jeff's brand of common sense.

See if your name - or company name is available on dozens of social media sites.

Yahoo Buzz
News, news and more news.

Need to aggregate some information? This site does it for you.

Learn how to do ANYTHING.

The news source for all things Web and social media. It's where we look to learn who's doing what.

This is where you can read about Jeff's exploits during the 2009 Tour de France.

Slate Magazine hits you constantly with intelligent conversation, columns and news items.

E Deal Info
Great deals on technology and other items. Look here for anything from hard drives to clothing.

Communication Arts
Everything you need to know about good design and the professionals who create it.

A Life of Play podcast
Looking for fun things to do in your free time? Try A Life of Play.